Dubrovnik City Time Travel Journey

Start your journey through the area of the former Republic of Dubrovnik from its very core. Dubrovnik, one of the most dazzling cities in the world, is a rare example of indescribable beauty, spiritual greatness, and human strength.

1,940 meters of medieval walls outline people’s dreams of freedom, and a performance stage leads to the stars during the Dubrovnik Summer Festival or to the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones. When you arrive in the old town, which is protected by UNESCO, don’t forget to shake the hand of the patron saint St. Blaise, who will show you the endless universe of life and thousands of years of history recorded there by works of art. Three of the five existing forts form an integral part of the Walls of Dubrovnik: Minčeta, Bokar, and St. John. The other two forts, Lovrijenac in the west and Revelin in the east, are not connected to the Walls. The main street (Stradun) is the perfect spot for absorbing the beauty of stone compositions beneath the stars, while the Sponza Palace, the Rector’s Palace, the Large and Small Onofrio’s Fountains, the Church of St. Blaise, and Orlando’s Column will show you the side of the town that shall forever remain youthful. Explore a plethora of historical and natural sights by visiting museums, discover the green realm of the Trsteno Arboretum, and enjoy the panorama from the Srđ hill, which can be easily reached by cable car. Every view in Dubrovnik is limitless, every memory perfect, and every day seems too short.

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